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Sales: We offer only Top of the line equipment with amazing warranties.  Have you heard of Lifetime warranties? Well if you haven’t we can introduce some great equipment that carry it or similar warranties that could give you a GREAT PEACE OF MIND.  We will be extremely happy to introduce you to the equipment that we KNOW, will best suit your needs but most importantly, we will always consider your budget.

Service: Our technicians are ready to tackle any kind of job.  Our Service Calls are FREE with repair.  Scheduling a service call is important thus allowing us to perform a complete and thorough diagnostic of your Heating and Air Conditioning system(s).  We service all major brands such as Goodman, Amana, Trane, American Standard, Lennox, Maytag, Rheem and Many more…

Maintenance: Sometimes also referred to as A/C Tune Up; It is KEY, thus able to PROLONG the life of your HVAC system.  An HVAC system requires a bi-annual maintenance.  We highly recommend it in both Spring and Fall, just before Seasons like Summer and Winter.  Providing maintenance WILL prolong the life of your equipment.  In fact not maintaining your system is what causes other components to malfunction over time.  Every time we carry out a vital maintenance, we also verify the condition of internal, external and vital components.  Therefore making you aware of what will need your attention sooner than later.  Literally maintenance could save you hundreds and sometimes thousands.  Below you can see a checklist of some of the services we will carry out when providing your HVAC system with a professional maintenance.

Maintenance for Air Conditioning Maintenance for Heating
Clean condenser (split only) Clean burners
Check evaporator coil Carbon monoxide check
Check refrigerant lines and levels Check for proper venting
Check “start and “run” capacitors Check manifold pressure
Check “start and “run” relays Check service valves
Check condensate drain Check heat exchanger/chamber
Check electrical connections Check electrical connections
Check safety controls Check safety controls
Check thermostat calibration Check thermostat calibration
Check fan blade tightness Check fan blade tightness
Lubricate fan motor Lubricate fan motor
Measure amp draw Measure amp draw
Check air flow Check air flow
Check condensate drain & pipe Check belt tension & condition
Check for bubble leaks & pressure

Installations:  We are professionals!  Edgar’s Services, Inc is all about quality workmanship and Customer satisfaction.  Our installations include Equipment / All materials necessary, Crane Services (if needed), delivery, install, and Electrical Start Up of system being installed.  We invite you to view our gallery, a wise person once said, “Pictures say more than words.”

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